Early Careers Focus Group

The ECFG was created in 2014 beneath the SSSG; its aims, were to establish a network of contacts of those embarking on a career within the energetics sector, such as apprentices, graduates and ensuring that they, along with those within the first 10 years of their career are fully represented in the plans that shape the future of the sector.

The ECFG meets quarterly and encourages the sharing of knowledge, creating a strong networking community and coordinating events and information, gaining visits to organisations within the sector. The chairperson of the ECFG engages directly with the SSSG as a voice which promotes the thoughts of tomorrow’s leaders to the sector leaders of today.

Early Careers Symposium (ECS)

The main objective of the ECFG members is to organise an Early Careers Symposium, which is a coming together of like minded early career engineers/scientists from national and international organisations. The delegates will receive lectures on a variety of topics, including technical presentations, along with an insight in to the career development of their senior colleagues.

If you would like to become involved and take part in one of the projects, please feel free to contact Stephanie Ball. stephanieball@iexpe.org