Council commencing at the 2020 Annual General Meeting

Following the close of nominations, the number of applications received did not exceed the vacancies on Council seats. This year there is no need to hold elections to fill the vacant seats on Council, the President and Council have endorsed the nominations for the forthcoming term, which are effective from the Annual General Meeting in June. The seven members starting their terms this year join with the appointed Officers and those members part way through their two-year tenure to form a council of nineteen.

For members’ information, the Council and directors of the limited company for the next year will be:-

Council Officers
Andrew Carr, President
David Welch, Immediate Past President (Director)
Andrew Pettitt, Vice President, Membership (Director)
Kenneth Cross, Vice President. Affiliations (Director)
Anthony Slate, Vice President, Legal & Compliance (Director)

Council Members

Roland AlfordChristopher ChildsAndrew Hubble
Stephen RobertsNigel TaylorRichard Arthur
Thomas GoodmanStephen MillerNicholas Savage
Lee ThornhillRuth BarberDavid Holley
Ian ParkerMartyn Sime

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