Badge of Excellence

The awarding of a badge of excellence requires the provider and the course to not only be assured by the IExpE’s rigorous quality procedures, but also to be externally recognised to provide excellent training, development and learning provision and meaningful outcomes by a 3rd party. This is designed for programmes that would not be enhanced by the delivery of regulated qualifications.

It demonstrates to potential learners that the course content has been technically vetted by the professional body for the sector and the quality of training and assessment has been externally assessed.

The centre will receive an “IExpE Badge of Excellence” certificate.

Open Awards will provide learners with a course certificate and providers are able to use the “IExpE Badge of Excellence” logo when marketing their course.


As per endorsed, plus: –

  • Quality Assurance information
  • Evidence of meaningful outcomes and progression
  • Plans for collecting feedback
  • Centre Fee
    • £500pa to Corporate Members
    • £1000 pa to Company Members
    • Not available to non-company members
  • New Course Fee (one off)
    • £250 per additional course (£1000 max for any submission)
  • Recurring Fees
    • £250 pa per course (up to £1000 max)
  • Learner Registration Fees
    • £45 per learner

Applications can be made using these course and centre application forms and submitting this to together with the appropriate payment. (Please note this is non-refundable.)