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Joining IExpE

From its inception in May 1974 the Institute has represented companies and individuals who use explosives as part of the everyday tools of their trade. Over time the Institute has grown as have the services it provides to its members.

The quality of those services has also improved. Training Courses, the Examination Syllabus,the Quarterly Journal and the Web Site become more sophisticated each year. As these improvements become apparent so the regard with which the Institute is viewed has risen accordingly, and it is ever more able to speak for the profession. In 2008 it was accepted as a Professional Affiliate of the Engineering Council UK (ECUK) and suitably qualified members can now apply for Eng Tech, IEng or CEng. In 2009 it was accepted as a Member of the European Federation of Explosives Engineers.

Through the Institute, members of all categories and from all disciplines have a live forum. Demolition contractors, explosives manufacturers, underwater specialists, miners, tunnellers, quarrymen, disposal contractors, vibration specialists, oil industry contractors, special effects technicians (pyrotechnicians), firework display operators, Police Explosives Liaison Officers, Legislators and members of the Armed Services find a common voice to express concerns and ideas and to understand better the requirements and concerns of those explosives engineering disciplines that are less familiar to them.

There is an Education and Research trust, a charity in its own right, that exists to promote the education and training of current, and most importantly, future explosive engineers. Uniquely, amongst similar organisations, our institute requires aspiring members to demonstrate evidence of professional knowledge and experience by examination to gain membership.

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